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Theticals that are Hypo

By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

So it is the talk of the town.  For once, a major political candidate has come out in support of the LGBT community with plenty of time for quite a bit of things to go right or wrong.  President Obama coming out and saying that homosexual marriage should be allowed was a milestone.  President Bill Clinton came out showing his support when he was up for re-election, but it went so under the radar because of other issues, and he wasn’t vocal about it really, that it was all brushed under the carpet.  The LGBT community was kind of put off by this I could only think and imagine.  But now we have a candidate whose election can be made or broken strictly on this alone. Read the rest of this entry


As cool as the other side of the pillow?

So I already explained my favorite GOP candidate – Ron Paul yesterday.  Let us look at the other side of the aisle – President Barack Obama, which can be assumed will receive the party’s nomination (but you know what happens when you assume). Read the rest of this entry

Almost, But Not Quite

So as with many others in the United States, I recently watched the GOP Presidential Debate that occurred this past Monday, June 13th.  Mind you, I probably watched for a different reason compared to many others who were watching.  Some were watching to analyze the candidates for their potential as a President.  Some were looking to maybe find a new candidate to latch on to because they have become disenfranchised with current President Barack Obama, so they hoped one of the 7 candidates on stage (and some of the many others out and about) might seem more attractive to them and their issues they stand for. Read the rest of this entry