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Theticals that are Hypo

By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

So it is the talk of the town.  For once, a major political candidate has come out in support of the LGBT community with plenty of time for quite a bit of things to go right or wrong.  President Obama coming out and saying that homosexual marriage should be allowed was a milestone.  President Bill Clinton came out showing his support when he was up for re-election, but it went so under the radar because of other issues, and he wasn’t vocal about it really, that it was all brushed under the carpet.  The LGBT community was kind of put off by this I could only think and imagine.  But now we have a candidate whose election can be made or broken strictly on this alone. Read the rest of this entry


The Rush of Emotions

It is hard to put emotions down into words.  Whether you are trying to explain to someone why you love or hate someone so much, or how sad or happy you feel.  It is hard.  But I still feel obligated to tell you how I have felt lately.

Just yesterday I received the third good news in a three part ordeal.  I have been meeting with various advisors to see how my progress for college has been.  Good news!  All in all, I only have one class I have to take to graduate!  That was the best news.

My reaction was way mixed.  There is a sudden rush of emotions that hit me knowing this, and will hit me again when I graduate.   Read the rest of this entry

Y-Gen At Work

As I start writing this article, it is currently 1:04 AM.  Supposedly it is 61 degrees Fahrenheit outside but it doesn’t feel that – feels a bit warmer.  I am currently working on the job.  What job allows me to write?  Certainly no journalistic job, that’s for sure (I wish it was though, sometimes).  I work on my school campus.  It is one of the few entities that works during the day and night.

I usually spend this time, and my time commuting to and from here, thinking about life and where I am at – via achievements and goals, emotionally, physically, etc.  I wonder how I am personally doing and have I done everything I wanted to do.

The random thought of tonight was on my predecessor.  He was a cool guy, to me.  I can’t say I looked up to him but I did respect him.  We had good times kickin’ it and I had zero complaints.  However, I’ve heard quite a bit of bad as this year has progressed.  The most common complaint is how rude is was to some, if not many, of the groups who volunteer at my work. Read the rest of this entry

Happiness Redux

March 30th, 2012 comes to a close.  With it, the close of the California Mega Million drawing and many people’s hopes for a new start, a new lease on life.  All over Facebook and other social networking sites, my friends, and even strangers, tell of dreams dashed against the rocks, as everyone was either dreaming for a piece of the $640 million or the entire pot itself.  If anyone else was like myself, they reached a euphoria just purchasing one (or five, in my case) lottery tickets.  Handing over that one dollar per ticket launched everyone to cloud 9, and everyone soon forgot all the problems and postulated on the “could-be’s.”  But now, it turns into “never will’s.” Read the rest of this entry

In the Pursuit of Happiness…

For whatever reason recently, I have been trying to figure out love and relationships.  It has been the over ruling thought of my mind since I have graduated high school eight years ago.  I like to claim I am a non-emotional person, but I really am.  I try not to show too much in the way of emotions, but my Latino blood boils me to show various emotions that override any stereotypical law of being a man (and therefore not showing emotion) and the fact that I pride myself in having a decent degree of logic engrained in myself.

But still, all in all, I like being in a relationship.  That doesn’t mean I have to always be in one, but I love love.  I love to love and be loved in return.  Pretty sure a good chunk of people on the planet do (or at I would like to naively think so at least). Read the rest of this entry

A Taste of Destiny?

Some people are born with it.  Others can gain it over time.  What is “it”?  Greatness, of course.  History is filled with tales of those who have accomplished great things.  Some of them were like so since they were a child.  Everyone knew they would do something great, it was a matter of time.  Meanwhile, others still accomplished great things even though their childhood did not discern much information towards their future.

In the United States, and possibly most developed countries, everyone wishes and hopes to be their own boss.  People want to do great things so they can live great lives.  As we should all, hopefully, know, not everyone gets to be at the top of the mountain, or even near the top.  We may taste some victory as we accomplish some goals and accolades along the journey of life, but not many will reach the lifestyle they dream, or do what they wish to do.  Read the rest of this entry

Are You Siri-us?!

Are You Siri-us?!
An Analysis from a non-expert fanboy on the iPhone 4S
BY: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

For those who don’t know, which I’m not sure where you have been, but it must be a great resort, Apple had a conference on October 4th, 2011, unveiling various stuff, and recapping other stuff – all Apple gadgetry.

This was the biggest hyped conference so far since the rumors were as big as California, or even the Steve Jobs legacy. Possible TWO iPhones released in ONE event. All sorts of rumors on design looks, iPhone 5 cases that were “shipped”, people hacking into factories for details and stuff. It was huge. Read the rest of this entry

A Quarter Century Later

Thoughts After a Quarter Century
A man and his thoughts on “progress” 

So it has been a quarter of a century since the first second of my existence.  25 years worth of existence has since followed.  Part of me should be happy that I’m sharing my birth year, 1986, with such great events as the first PC Virus, Pixar studios first opening its doors, the Chernobyl Disaster, and the Goldwater-Nichols Act was signed on my date of birth by Mr. Reagan himself.  But how are things really for me?

Well, I can easily say I have come a long way since 1986.  Heck, I came a long way from 2000, and 2004, 2007, and even 2010.  Every year I feel I make leaps and bounds forward mentally, intellectually, maturely, and more.  Things happen more, and faster, that makes my life greater and noteworthy.

But sometimes I wonder how good or not good my life really is compared to what it could be and what I could be doing.  I also wonder when I compare to friends who I graduated with.  I dedicated almost half of my quarter century to my youth group, without which a lot of my progress may not have happened, or happened as fast.  My confidence, my voice, my me all developed here from when I was 12 until 21, and even now I continue to help as an advisor, hoping others would find as much good from it as I have.

Still, some of my friends from high school who graduated in 2004 with me are living lives that are more to write home about then mine, I think.  Some have studied abroad in England, France, and Germany.  Most have graduated already long before me, while I still have a year (maybe more) to wrap up my degree.  Some are now going to Africa to help out some country in some great altruistic endeavor that has some deep significance and will make you feel better.  The best I have done is tutor people to help them pass logic and political science.  And now I help coordinate rides for people who are drunk or in an unsafe situation and need to get home safely.

I am not sure why but I feel my life hasn’t been reached to its fullest potential.  As I told a friend, I feel those around the age of 25 hit their quarter life crisis.  It is very similar to being their midlife crisis, but 25 years sooner, give or take.  Things have been moving faster for me, but yet at the same time slow.  Life these days have been confusing and I feel everyone is running around me while I’m crawling.  At some point I’ll figure where to go and what to do and then I will run too.  If I’m lucky, I might even teleport.

I’m hopeful for the future but I really wish it would come already.  Here’s to three cheers for still living.  Midlife crisis here I come…

Plus One or Minus One – A few thoughts on Google+

Plus One or Minus One – A few thoughts on Google+
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

So if you didn’t get the memo, there’s a new social network kid on the block, and it’s from a familiar name.  Google+ is its name, and networking is its game.  Everyone should have heard of this by now between friends asking for an invite into the slowly growing social network, or between other people saying, “Google+ > Facebook” or other similar comments.  Some critics and analysts are going so far as to say Google+ will be the new Facebook.  I disagree. Read the rest of this entry

Three Little Words…and Variations There Of

With today’s rapid growth towards “chatspeak” and “txtspeak”, language, meaning, and context is being lost.  One primary example is with a phrase said a lot, and its variations – “I love you”.

This phrase has been twisted countless of times in today’s day in age.  I believe in the past decade I’ve read the following: I love you, I luv you, I luv u, love you, love u, luv u, I ❤ u, I ❤ you, <3, I less than three you, and 143. Read the rest of this entry