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The Rush of Emotions

It is hard to put emotions down into words.  Whether you are trying to explain to someone why you love or hate someone so much, or how sad or happy you feel.  It is hard.  But I still feel obligated to tell you how I have felt lately.

Just yesterday I received the third good news in a three part ordeal.  I have been meeting with various advisors to see how my progress for college has been.  Good news!  All in all, I only have one class I have to take to graduate!  That was the best news.

My reaction was way mixed.  There is a sudden rush of emotions that hit me knowing this, and will hit me again when I graduate.   Read the rest of this entry


From the Archives: Do You Remember the Time?

The following is taken from a note I wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago.  Why I didn’t write it on here is beyond me.  But it is neither here nor there.  Enjoy.

I remember that time.  When I think about them now, those were the best years of my life – so far.  At the time though, those years sucked and I couldn’t wait for it to all be over.  But quite honestly, it, like everything else in my life, has attributed much to my perception of the world and how I act and react to things.  Those were the best and worst 4 years of my life.  If I could back, I’m sure I would do some things a little differently, but I’d still do it with my friends. (more…)