A Taste of Destiny?

Some people are born with it.  Others can gain it over time.  What is “it”?  Greatness, of course.  History is filled with tales of those who have accomplished great things.  Some of them were like so since they were a child.  Everyone knew they would do something great, it was a matter of time.  Meanwhile, others still accomplished great things even though their childhood did not discern much information towards their future.

In the United States, and possibly most developed countries, everyone wishes and hopes to be their own boss.  People want to do great things so they can live great lives.  As we should all, hopefully, know, not everyone gets to be at the top of the mountain, or even near the top.  We may taste some victory as we accomplish some goals and accolades along the journey of life, but not many will reach the lifestyle they dream, or do what they wish to do.  Read the rest of this entry


What Next?

What Next?
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

So I am single.  Just recently put back into bachelorhood.  It is weird.  The relationship was “just” a year and three months.  But I was almost certain that was the relationship; that she was the  one.  But she isn’t. For the past four days I’ve had minimal communication with her, and nothing but questions and confusion has resulted from that.  I am at a lot. Read the rest of this entry

Enjoy the Little Things

“Enjoy the Little Things”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

So I was thinking.  Because of my recent situation I need to appreciate a lot of things more.  What am I talking about?  Well let me explain.  Long story short, my upper lip was pretty busted last Thursday do to “an incident that will not be named” (I just don’t feel like explaining it really).  The result of this was getting a stitch on my upper lip.  Pretty painful experience I’d say.  Pretty sure a stitch anywhere else would have been a bit more bearable, but I digress…

In my life I have had three lessons that made me slowly but surely appreciate more what I am able and capable of. Read the rest of this entry

Fantastically Fanatical!

Fantastically Fanatical!
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp 

It dawned on me the other day that sports fans can be wide and varied.  A fellow student and DJ from my college wrote for KSSU about what fandom is to him.  And I concur.  But aside from that, fans as a whole are widely variant.  There are acceptable and not acceptable things to as a fan, and it all depends on where you live.

Living in Northern California, I naturally am a fan of the Sacramento Kings, San Francisco Giants, and the San Jose Sharks.  As a fan of local teams, that’s fine.  I can either be a fan that will root for the team on TV, or a fan that attends some games, and that is fine.  Or I can go completely  crazy and only wear black and orange outfits that either have “S.F.” on it or “Giants”, etc. etc., and that is also fine.  Really, being a fan of a local team can be anything and it is cool.  The only thing I have to be careful for, is bandwagoning. Read the rest of this entry

I Have a Dream; Don’t Get It Twisted

I Have a Dream; Don’t Get It Twisted 
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp 

Generally, the purpose of holidays is for remembrance and celebration, and things of that sort.  We are suppose to remember things we don’t do often and for at least one day of the year, do exactly that in hopes that eventually we remember what we forgot.  Confused yet?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday is a moment for us to pause and reflect on the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement; on the struggles African Americans and other minorities had here in the United States.  We should honor those who stood up for what is right and strive to perpetuate it in our lives and community, and make sure it is never tarnished by bigotry, hate, and other forms of racism. Read the rest of this entry

Year End Review 2011: Part 4

“He who controls the past commands the future, He who commands the future, conquers the past.” -Kane, Command & Conquer series


For 2011, I had predicted I would become more busy with DJing.  I didn’t think it be this much but the good vibes built from 2010 rolled into 2011.  I made no prediction for school, but as always, you hope for the best, right?  Financially, I knew I would be better off for some reason.  I had wanted a different job…and a different job I got.  It took six months of hunting and applying but I got a decent part time job. Read the rest of this entry

Year End Review 2011: Part 3

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” -George Santayana

I learned a lot this year, and none of it came from school (Hah!).  Many find it shameful that Trista and I were already talking just a day or two after I broke up with Liz, but quite honestly I’ve never been fond of “waiting” before you can “get back on the horse.”  I took a day or two to clear my thoughts, clear my heart, and move on.  That was all I needed.  But quite honestly, Trista has made me feel like a kid again.  You know that cute feeling?  Where you have butterflies in your stomach and you feel like you are in middle school or early high school?  You want to ask them out but you are too nervous to ask.  You want to kiss them but you are afraid of somehow messing that up.  That’s what I went through.  This was a spectacular year.  Everyone wishes to be young again; well I got it. Read the rest of this entry

Year End Review 2011: Part 2

“To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.” -Margaret Fairless Barber, The Roadmender

Like the horoscopes some people read every day, I sort of predicted my year, last year.  You can just read the very long 2010 entry to see some of the feelings I had about what this year might become.  Very much so this year was not and did not feel necessarily as powerful and potent as 2010.  As I mentioned before, this was almost based on the fact that nothing was necessarily “changing”.  Last year had the physical transfer of me from one school to the next.  That is enough to change much.  This year, not as much change. Read the rest of this entry

Year End Review 2010

The following is my 2010 Year End Review.  This is a highly hefty article.  Read it when/if you have time to.  You can always skim it to see if there are any good parts to read.  Much has been reviewed in “Year End Review 2011 Part 1”: Read the rest of this entry

Year End Review 2011: Part 1

“The wisest man is he who looks towards the ending of his journey, as well as to its beginning.”

There are a few things I look forward to about December.  As a college student, I enjoy Winter Break – a month and a few weeks of lazy time, no homework, no tests, or anything else.  Just me time.  I, of course, look forward to getting and giving gifts, eating good food, and the other holiday related business.  I also look forward to T.J.’s “Things That Need to Go” for the upcoming year.  But my favorite part is doing my Year End Review, where I sit and reflect one me and what I have done or didn’t do.  This is more incite on me than something tangible like other things I write, but I am doing this so just sit tight.

Historically, I have terrible memory.  I use to forget what I had for dinner the night before, let alone what I did a few days ago and things like that.  My mom use to criticize me a lot for it to the point that “I don’t remember” was not a valid excuse for her come middle school.  So, to help I started writing.  I have two completed journals sitting in my closet from 1998 until 2007.  I took up blogging since then at various locales.  I would like to think my memory has gotten better, and that part of the reason it is better is because I write out my life every so often, especially these year end reviews. Read the rest of this entry