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See-quel Next Time!

After having seen the original movie, The Hangover, countless times, I was excited for a sequel.  It had to be funnier than the original movie, or so I would like to believe.  Sequels, after all, in its very nature, has to be better than the first movie.  Historically, in my opinion, sequels do not do that.  Transformers was way more solid and could stand alone without a sequel.  Transformers 2 did no justice as a sequel (but it was still cool for all the flashiness).  The Matrix was best left alone at the Matrix, rather than becoming a trilogy.

The Hangover, Pt 2, is a funny movie.  That much I will agree to.  However, as a sequel, I was unimpressed by it.  I think if this movie was titled anything else, like “This One Time in Thailand” or anything else without the words “The Hangover”, I may not have high hopes for it being better than the original.  But nonetheless, The Hangover Part 2 was a formulaic copy of The Hangover.

It should be obvious based no comparing just the trailers for both movies alone, but I was consciously being naive and wanted this movie to be different.  But it was not.  Yes, the locale is different.  The original movie was in Las Vegas; Part 2 was in Thailand (Bangkok and some island owned by characters in the movie).  And granted, many things of the movie is “different”, but it all fits within a formula, which can just be referred to as the “Hangover formula”.  The series of events between both movies are the same.

I expected the sequel to have more things unique to itself.  It is not that I don’t appreciate some elements from the original move (I find that to be thoughtful).  There was only roughly two or three unique moments.

As much as it may seem that I am bashing Part 2, it is not that I hated it.  I laughed – a lot.  Did I laugh more than the original movie?  No, I didn’t.  But it was close.  The movie lacks uniqueness to set it apart from Part 1, but it still was a great movie.  Would I recommend you to go watch it?  Yes, I would.  But I would tell you this: try to watch it without holding this to be beyond the original movie.  Appreciate it for it’s references to the first movie, as well as its sheer humor.  If you’re looking to laugh, this movie is for you.  If you’re looking for something more original, this is not for you, but you should still watch it anyways (just wait for it to come on Netflix, On Demand, or something else of that sort).