About Omni a.k.a. DJ Mappquest

My name is Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp.  I am currently a Junior at California State University – Sacramento, majoring in Social Science (and soon double majoring in Government).  I attended San Joaquin Delta College prior to Sacramento State University, where I majored in Social Science.  Originally I was a Computer Science major, but then switched to Philosophy, and then ultimately to Social Science.

For kicks and giggles, I am a mobile DJ, playing music at weddings, parties, school dances, etc.  I also volunteer with the radio station, KSSU, at Sac State.  Before, I use to spend my time gaming from the original Nintendo, the N64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, X-Box, and Gamecube.  But there came a time when the games had to be put down for school and work.  I still squeeze in time on PC games.

Beyond games my childhood was filled with karate, and the Order of DeMolay – a youth group.  Both have shaped me into who I am today.

I would like to say there is one thing that interests me the most, but there isn’t, necessarily.  Music, technology, politics, and economics are all of some of the topics that peaks my interest.  From time to time, even philosophy sneaks in.   My mind wanders from topic to topic – various categories.  I wouldn’t say I am a Jack of All Trades, but I am not specialized in anything either.  I am what I am – Omni.

  1. Hey dude,

    I’m digging what you got going on and what your about. Would love for you to check out my music. Hope you dig it and if so wouldn’t mine giving it a spin. Look forward to hearing from you!! Thanks.

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