2012 Year End Review: Part III

This year has been a year of doing things I usually don’t do. It has been stepping more out of my bounds and pushing the boundaries further. It has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. But that’s life, no?

I won’t lie, my downs have been more “down” than I have experienced in quite some time. I have questioned a lot of what I have done. My resolve, my actions, my everything. I wondered if I was delusional. Along the way I was told a lot of things to pull me back together. I was reassured that some people appreciated what I did. I told myself I have no time to slow down or be sorry for anyone, including me. My first major goal in life is in reach.

In 2013 I will be serving in the internship I wanted to – at the state capitol of California. I came to Sacramento State for this one reason; that’s it. Not for anything else, but the internship that might put me where I want to be. When I finish my internship, I will graduate. I will accomplish the goal that seemed so impossible. I have spent nine years changing majors, and feeling like I am getting no where. There were times I thought I’d never be this close. But now it is here. I will be graduating. I can worry about graduation ceremonies and things that go into that; not classes for next semester, etc.

However, I have applied for graduate school. Hopefully I will get in to get my master’s (fairly quick I hope). We will see how 2013 goes. I will be finishing my term as KSSU Station Manager (maybe), as well as serving on the Board of Directors for Capital Public Radio. I will be a college graduate as well. 2013 has a lot to offer in the way of good. I hope that this relationship is what I’ve been looking for. So far so good. The true adult life is around the corner where I have to get a full time job, pay more bills, etc. I’m excited but not sure what to do. College has been my life. We will see what awaits for me outside. 2013 will be an even greater push out of my boundaries and into a world unknown. We will see if I am ready or not. Just the same, we will see if the world is ready for me. 2012 ended as well as it could have. Fairly according to plan. Hopefully one year from now, 2013 will end with me in a full time job or in grad school…or both.

All of this I wrote for me, moreso than you. However, I hope you find some insight from my life in how to live yours. My message, as it always is, is to live a life where you are happy. We can’t spend too much time wondering about the what if’s and whether we are doing the right things. Just do it. Act. Live. Every so often do what I did here and reflect on where you came from and where you like to be and see if you are accomplishing that. Good luck to you all. I hope nothing but the best for me, as well as you.


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