2012 Year End Review: Part I

So every year before Christmas I attempt, to the best of my abilities, to pause and reflect on the year that has come and past. This year is no different. In my life, things can be classified by iconic years for me. 2007 and 2009 were renaissance years where personality wise I have pushed myself to new heights. 2010 and 2012 would be years where I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine possible.

So 2012 had looked to be an extremely good year. I had been with my girlfreind of the time for a year, I had a new job on campus, and all was going well. School-wise, things were going well; almost at the finish line to graduate with just a few more semesters to go. Life was where I wanted it.

2012 started swimmingly with a trip to the emergency room, my first time ever. I had been bitten in the face by my girlfriend’s dog. It was an interesting experience that changed my outlook on things. It was from that point forward that my girlfriend at the time started to fade I think, now that I look back. Come March, her and I decided to go separate ways.

2012 became a bit more challenging because of that. I had a job that carried over from 2011. I was Safe Rides Assistant Coordinator at Sacramento State University. The late night driving was rough but I made it work. Still, with work and school, it became hard to focus. I felt lost after that.

Spring Break I spent at my brother’s house in San Francisco. That is what helped recharge me to tackle 2012. I started going to the gym thanks to him, and just getting out of the valley helped focus me. I had made amends with those who I was rude to during my relationship too – including an ex-girlfriend and a best friend of mine. My best friend and kept in good contact from there out and became gym buddies too.

The first half on 2012 was pretty solid. I rediscovered who I was, and gave myself more purpose. I was one year from graduating, and started dating my best friend. There was also a job opportunity to become manager of the radio station I volunteered for. I spent the rest of summer putting in my time in the radio station, and doing a few things here and there to have fun and relax. Life was good.

Part II to come soon…


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