The Rush of Emotions

It is hard to put emotions down into words.  Whether you are trying to explain to someone why you love or hate someone so much, or how sad or happy you feel.  It is hard.  But I still feel obligated to tell you how I have felt lately.

Just yesterday I received the third good news in a three part ordeal.  I have been meeting with various advisors to see how my progress for college has been.  Good news!  All in all, I only have one class I have to take to graduate!  That was the best news.

My reaction was way mixed.  There is a sudden rush of emotions that hit me knowing this, and will hit me again when I graduate.  When I walked out of my advisor’s office,it was kind of like Vernon Davis after the 49ers beat the Saints. But then when I stepped out of my advisor’s office I was like Tim Tebow after he throws a successful touchdown pass. And for the rest of the day when I thought about it I was more likeAaron Rodgers.

So yes.  In total, there were tears, double fist pumps, and fist pumps, all out of excitement.  But the pictures tell the best story.  Obviously sports players exemplify the most (and best) emotions, and that is the closest to how I feel.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing I am almost done.  It seems unreal but here I am – almost with a degree.  This thing I have slaved away for 8 years and will soon have it.  I cannot wait.  The very thought of it fills me with a rush of emotions every time without fail, even now as I write it.  Hopefully this gave you all some sort of idea of the feeling I had all this time.  It is amazing.  We all experience this at some point for different reasons.


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