Y-Gen At Work

As I start writing this article, it is currently 1:04 AM.  Supposedly it is 61 degrees Fahrenheit outside but it doesn’t feel that – feels a bit warmer.  I am currently working on the job.  What job allows me to write?  Certainly no journalistic job, that’s for sure (I wish it was though, sometimes).  I work on my school campus.  It is one of the few entities that works during the day and night.

I usually spend this time, and my time commuting to and from here, thinking about life and where I am at – via achievements and goals, emotionally, physically, etc.  I wonder how I am personally doing and have I done everything I wanted to do.

The random thought of tonight was on my predecessor.  He was a cool guy, to me.  I can’t say I looked up to him but I did respect him.  We had good times kickin’ it and I had zero complaints.  However, I’ve heard quite a bit of bad as this year has progressed.  The most common complaint is how rude is was to some, if not many, of the groups who volunteer at my work.

But looking at myself, it makes more sense.  I am a full time student, with professors who believe I have nothing better to do than read hundreds of pages a week, plus study, do papers, etc.  Of course, as a college student, you have to have a social life too.  Than your house life plays a factor if you don’t live alone.  Plus you have to do something for you from time to time.  And lastly, for me, I have to work late night once or twice a week, ever week, for fifteen weeks almost.  At first, it doesn’t seem so bad, working until two, three, or four in the morning just once or twice a week, but in the long run it adds up.

I feel that I have moments of abrasiveness with people.  Some days I just don’t want to deal with people at all (I know we all have those days, but I have been having them more often than usual).

And now that I think about it, it makes sense why my predecessor may have seemed rude or distant to others.  The job pushes him away from reality and himself.  It has for me.  I have slowly lost grip of myself and I get moments where I feel like a different person.  Even my thoughts don’t seem like mine.

To think of it different, I explained it to a friend as such: explaining what working late hours does to a person is like waves of the ocean wearing away at a cliff side.  The cliff will stand strong at first, but it is always a matter of time until a mudslide.  That is the effect of working graveyard. One has to work hard to stop being the cliff by the ocean and be the mountain-side inland.

After this semester is over, I will return to some sort of normalcy, but until then, I will slowly erode and slide away into something else.  Just a few more weeks…

But I honestly don’t know why anyone would naturally choose graveyard shift.  It is never as pretty as it seems.


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