On a Quest for God

Growing up, I went to church all the time.  It was the worst.  Why?  Whoever’s idea it was to put kids who already sit through school through one more session of sitting still was rough and lame!  It wasn’t that church itself sucked, or that religion sucked.  It is the weekend!  But I digress…

I was raised Presbyterian.  My father was a firm believer and studied the bible thoroughly.  My brother would eventually join him and they’d talk and debate meanings of the bible.  Me?  Church was that thing that came between me and games, me and football, or me and sleep.  My parents did give my brother and I an option when I finished the 8th grade.  Upon my brother, and me later, completing 8th grade, my parents believed we were old enough to form our own opinion on God and religion and we could decide whether we went to church or not, or what religion we ourselves would observe.

My brother took his high school career as an opportunity to dabble in various religions.  I know he researched a bit, and even went to morning Mormon seminars.  I am not sure what else, to be honest.  When he graduated high school he converted to Judaism.

Me?  I went down a different path.  I abstained from church and religion throughout high school but did lots of meditating.  I hoped that I’d find a sign, a message, something.  I did believe in God after all.  I was raised on it.  Something about the institution of Church, however, was a drag.  In college I stumbled upon Deism. Perfect for someone like me who believes in evolution and God (and a few other things).  And thus was how it was.

For some reason, among my peers, the topic of God and religion rarely comes up.  Partially because religion is the great social taboo you don’t speak of.  But I believe my generation and God mix different than many generations before.  However, this past Sunday I talked with a friend about God.  This was the first time I openly spoke of religion since my freshman year in college, and before that was the eight grade.  I felt great after talking with my friend.  There is something relieving and invigorating about it.

I am still looking for more answers, but life has been slowly but surely leading me down a good path.  If you aren’t religious, than disregard all of this.  If you are religious, than good for you.  If you aren’t quite sure, than go searching.  Talk with people.  Do anything and everything.  Find what fits for you; for what calls to your heart, mind, and soul.  Don’t be shy or timid about it.  You just might be glad you did.


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