Happiness Redux

March 30th, 2012 comes to a close.  With it, the close of the California Mega Million drawing and many people’s hopes for a new start, a new lease on life.  All over Facebook and other social networking sites, my friends, and even strangers, tell of dreams dashed against the rocks, as everyone was either dreaming for a piece of the $640 million or the entire pot itself.  If anyone else was like myself, they reached a euphoria just purchasing one (or five, in my case) lottery tickets.  Handing over that one dollar per ticket launched everyone to cloud 9, and everyone soon forgot all the problems and postulated on the “could-be’s.”  But now, it turns into “never will’s.”

I dreamed about what I would do with a slice of the pot.  Would I quit school?  Would I finish?  Would I invest it?  Would I spend it?  What would I do?  I dreamed.  And I was happy beyond belief.  This is what America needs 24/7.  It isn’t very often people have something to look forward to these days.  Thus, the wise cherish and savor the moments; others splurge and forget the moment.  They get too hungry and eat too fast, as if they never ate before, or as if eating was going out of style. We must all stay hungry (and thirsty). We must dare and dream. For a while, many of us were happy. That is why I believe that dreaming leads to happiness – in love, but also life and personal goals. We must all have personal goals, but at some point we have to reach out and bring others into our circle and have shared goals.

I am starting to truly believe that dreaming is all we need.  It is this moment that we all must remember.  We are happy.  We don’t need what we dream for.  What just need the dream, and keep pursuing.  As many philosophize, it isn’t the destination that makes us happy and complete, it is the journey.  The journey fills us with memories of struggles, hardships; success and victory; sad times and happy ones.  When we harness the journey; when we channel the happiness we get from simply dreaming and traversing on our journey through life – true happiness will reveal itself.

As a friend posted on Facebook, “so im not a mega millionaire… And the thought was oh so nice!”  Indeed it is.  But I am happy to have dreamed.  I will keep that dream, and keep dreaming.  Along the way I shall smile, cherish, enjoy, and savor every moment that passes my way.  Stay hungry (and thirsty) my friends – just don’t forget to savor what you get along the way.


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