A Taste of Destiny?

Some people are born with it.  Others can gain it over time.  What is “it”?  Greatness, of course.  History is filled with tales of those who have accomplished great things.  Some of them were like so since they were a child.  Everyone knew they would do something great, it was a matter of time.  Meanwhile, others still accomplished great things even though their childhood did not discern much information towards their future.

In the United States, and possibly most developed countries, everyone wishes and hopes to be their own boss.  People want to do great things so they can live great lives.  As we should all, hopefully, know, not everyone gets to be at the top of the mountain, or even near the top.  We may taste some victory as we accomplish some goals and accolades along the journey of life, but not many will reach the lifestyle they dream, or do what they wish to do. 

So how does one become great?  Just as important, how does one recognize greatness?  Throughout the years of my life from age twelve to now (2012 = age: 25, turning 26), I have been told by various people of various backgrounds that theyknow I will do great things.  Note: know, not expect.  I have never spent much time thinking about it then, but for the last five years people have said it even more than in my pre-teen and teen years.  I have taken it similarly to how women think people are just “saying it to be nice” when people tell them they are pretty or beautiful.  I have never spent much thought on “greatness.”

I have dreams and goals.  I have some that are exceptionally high by my standards, and I have some that are more readily attainable.  I have never been an overachiever in life, thus I have kept myself for the most part grounded.  Still, everyone has to dream right?  My big dream is one day being governor of California.  But that is lofty.  More realistically, I wish to be mayor of my hometown, Stockton, or my current town, Sacramento.  I’d like to live in a mansion, but realistically, a four-to-five bedroom house is grand enough.  I’d love to drive in a Rolls Royce, but an Audi or a Lexus, or any vehicle for that matter, will do – as long as it gets me from point A to point B.

There are times in my life when passion and vigor flow through me and emanate outwards on those around me.  I have had great moments in life.  These moments are like none other, when I feel like I can do whatever; that I am Superman.  And in those moments, I have done whatever.  I have accomplished much in those spans of time.  But for the most part, I keep that ego in check.  I do not overly exert that fire that flowed through me those few times.

I would like to believe that I will do something great with my life.  But I don’t even know what I want to do with my life, really.  I am not sure if I will get into politics or not.  Who knows.  I am just not sure how everyone else can say without hesitation that I will do great things.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to try though, right?

But I digress…


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