Enjoy the Little Things

“Enjoy the Little Things”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

So I was thinking.  Because of my recent situation I need to appreciate a lot of things more.  What am I talking about?  Well let me explain.  Long story short, my upper lip was pretty busted last Thursday do to “an incident that will not be named” (I just don’t feel like explaining it really).  The result of this was getting a stitch on my upper lip.  Pretty painful experience I’d say.  Pretty sure a stitch anywhere else would have been a bit more bearable, but I digress…

In my life I have had three lessons that made me slowly but surely appreciate more what I am able and capable of.

  1. Lesson one came somewhere around the time I graduate from high school (give or take a year, I really can’t remember).  I went rollerskating.  I hadn’t rollerskated before then in years so my skills were rusty.  As time progressed I became comfortable going a bit faster.  Eventually they had a DJ spinning some music I was digging so I started acting like a clown skating.  Stupid me should have slowed my roll, but too late.  I lost balance and fell forward, but before my face crashed into the ground, my arms caught me.  However, in doing so, I fell incorrectly and my elbows allowed very minimal movement. For the most part I had to keep my arms bent close to a 90 degree angle since any more or any less was excruciating pain.  For three months I suffered with that.  From that point forward I learned to appreciate my arms and being able to do any sort of actions from lifting, running, doing push ups and anything else we use our arms for.
  2. My second lesson came somewhere from 2008-2010.  Yet again I can’t remember the exact day but I know it was about there.  For one week during the semester at my local community college, my ears started acting up.  I barely could hear anything.  At the end of the week, I lost hearing in one ear and very minimal hearing in the other ear.  People talking at a normal tone sounded almost like a mumble to me.  It was kind of an emotional run nearly turning deaf after enjoying 21+ years with hearing.  I went to the doctors and they saw no sign of infection or anything.  The only thing they could do was clean my ears out and hope for the best.  Hope turned out in my favor as my hearing returned to 100%.  From then, I enjoyed hearing.  It was sweet.
  3. And the third lesson comes from the simple act of eating and drinking.  With my lip busted, those actions were extremely difficult, and at times painful.  To not want to eat since it would cause bleeding was demotivating.

Through each of my hardships, I found emotional lows.  I often wished myself dead versus suffering those hardships.  They are not as hard as other people’s hardships, but these were my extreme moments.  But I persevered.  I am not sure what I would without my arms.  even more so without being able to eat and drink normally.  And ultimately, life without music is painful after you know what hearing is and music is.  You never know when something might happen.  Tomorrow I could become paralyzed from the waist below.  I could lose taste, sight, touch, or even worse, I could lose my life.

It has slowly became my mantra, but even more so now more than before.  In life, expected things happen unexpectedly.  Life throws us curve balls when we expect fast balls.  That is why we must always enjoy the little things.  Always.


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  1. Exactly right! You gotta enjoy every day, even in the worst of days, there’s at least one thing that went right.

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